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Do it ('Return' key = 'Enter key') • Your save is now decrypted from the game encryption and is ready to be edited as its files have been extracted.. Type '1' and confirm to continue • Wait until the command prompt tells you to 'Press RETURN to quit'.. It's time to download quests for your save, as the command prompt is suggesting Type '1' and confirm to continue.

  1. monster hunter ppsspp
  2. monster hunter ppsspp cheats
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• Your save is now decrypted from the PSP encryption It's time to decrypt it from the game encryption, as the command prompt is suggesting.. It means that your save is encrypted by the PSP and also by the game itself Don't worry, it will be explained later in this tutorial.. You need a PSP to download them However, with the help of several tools, and me managed to create some tools in order to bypass the problem.. • We will toggle on AutoList to automatically add the quests we will download for your save.

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monster hunter ppsspp cheats

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• Open the 'MHFU Save Tools' folder • From your 'ULES01213' or 'ULUS10391' folder, move 'MHP2NDG.. Type '1' and confirm to continue • The command prompt warns you that it will extract the content of your save in addition to decrypt it.. SFO' ► Step 2: Prepare the save tools • Download the • Extract it somewhere, for example on your Desktop.. • If you use the EU version of the game, it is named 'ULES01213', open it • If you use the US version of the game, it is named 'ULUS10391', open it. Cheese Hindi Movie 300mb

monster hunter ppsspp settings

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Do not be mistaken! • You need to decrypt your save to remove the PSP encryption first, so, type '1' and confirm.. bat' • A command prompt appears As explained in it, type the number of your choice and press 'Enter' key to confirm.. • The command prompt verifies that your save is encrypted, it should be Type '1' and confirm to continue.. The following tutorial seems very long, but you will see that the procedure will become really easy when you will get used to it ► Step 1: Prepare your save • Search for your MHFU save folder, it must be located in 'your_ppsspp_folder memstick PSP SAVEDATA'.. HOW TO DOWNLOAD MONSTER HUNTER ON I make this thread in order to show all the downloadable contents for! You can't access to these contents with PPSSPP.. All you need is a computer with Windows I assume that you have never used these tools, so your save is 'clean', as it was created by the game, in normal conditions.. • The 2 files that are relevant to this tutorial are 'MHP2NDG BIN' and 'PARAM.. BIN' and 'PARAM SFO' in your 'MHFU Save Tools' folder ► Step 3: Let's go! • Double-click the file named 'save tools. 6e4e936fe3 Cloudtv 3 9 1


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